Regulatory Food Safety Audits in WA (for Food Service to Vulnerable Persons)

The adoption of the Food Act 2008 into Western Australia has resulted in the introduction of mandatory Food Safety Programs (FSP) for food businesses captured under Standard 3.3.1 (Food Safety Programs for Food Service to Vulnerable Persons) of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and the need for a regulatory food safety auditing system.

What is a regulatory food safety auditor?

A regulatory food safety auditor is a person approved by the Western Australian Department of Health (the Department) under the Food Act who has specific functions and obligations.

We are certified and approved to conduct such audits.

Third Party Food Safety Audits & Inspections(for the food processing industry, caterers, including retailers)

Food Safety WA has extensive experience in understanding how to develop, implement and validate/verify auditing programs. We offer comprehensive services in this regard such as:

Supplier Auditing Optimization (review of current programs and recommendations for modifications, if needed)

Developing and helping to implement new programs (includes guidelines for selecting Third Party Auditors, role of consumer complaint monitoring and cost implications to you and your suppliers)

Developing risk-based auditing instruments

Third party audits provide a credible verification system to the entire food processing industry including retail environments, meat, fish, and poultry, vegetable and produce suppliers. Having a HACCP plan in place is often a first step to a successful food safety program, but is not entirely enough to ensure that food safety standards are being adhered to on a consistent basis. Purchasing food products from an outside source may directly impact on the success of your business, if your vendor does not adhere to the same strict sanitation standards as maintained in your operations.

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